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Release 3.2 - January 1, 2009

Important: please make sure you have the latest version of HtmlSearch
If you got HtmlSearch from amirror site or a redistributor, you may not have the latest version.
Go to the MandoSoft web site and compare the release shown here and there.
(The release number also appears in the About pop up of the applet)
If the version on the site indicates a later release, please download it.


For Windows Installations:

	The HtmlSearch install does not create or modify any files
other than those in the destination directory.
The install does not modify, add or delete any entries in
the Windows Registry or any system files.

To uninstall HtmlSearch, execute the uninstall program in the directory where you installed HtmlSearch. All the files will be removed.

For other platforms:
After you've unzipped the ZIP archive, you can point your browser to one of samples files and start searching.


Please visit the MandoSoft web site for technical support and comments. - © Copyright Olivier Zyngier, 1998-2009