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HtmlSearch Release History

New in Release 3.2

As of January 1, 2009, HtmlSearch is completely free

New in Release 3.1

  • New Log panel
  • New parameter addSearchStringToResult
  • UI improvements in the Indexing Panel
  • Shorter Options panel for a smaller applet footprint
  • Now works in Netscape 6.2

New in Release 3.0

Release 3.0 represents a major rewrite of entire sections of the application, mainly to:
  • Eliminate rarely used features that were bloating the code and making the applet slow to load
  • Provide the ability to display the screens in any language and in any color
  • Enhance and speed up the search
Here is a partial list of changes:
  • Parameter translation to display the screens in any language
  • Parameter bgColor to change the background color of the display
  • Parameter showResultsInHtml to display search results in HTML
  • Ability to display search results via JavaScript function
  • Parameter searchInHtmlTags to only seach through text, exclusive of HTML tags
  • Use parameter useStartUrlLinks to speed up the search by preparing list of pages to search
  • Parameter noPageInfoPanel to eliminate the Page Info panel
  • Parameters copyright and registration values
  • Reorganize Help and Setup documentation
  • Better handling of the maxSize maximum page size
  • Better handling of FRAMESETs
  • Speed up nosearchSuffix, nogoDir, nosearchDir and nogoHost processing for faster searches
  • Use true file content type instead of just suffix to eliminate non-HTML files from the search (makes it compatible with searches through JSP, ASP and CGI sites)
  • Fewer parameters in Lite Edition for easier deployment
  • About Panel (formerly Info Panel) now displays browser information, and links to troubleshooting help
  • Page Info panel now contains all the information about a page
  • indexExclusion file available on all types of indexing methods
  • Indexing now a separate package to make the applet loading faster
  • Faster Indexing generation
  • Parameter nogoHost replaced by nogoDomain
  • Parameter noIndexPanel replaced by noIndexingPanel
  • Default Help file now in a separate directory
  • Default search start point (parameter startUrl is now index.html
  • Parameter showFoundUrl now uses left, right and hide values
  • Removed usage of HtmlSearch as a Java application -- only applet mode is now supported
  • Removed Advanced panel -- parameters can all be set through parameters
  • Removed View page source
  • Removed the Save Index button since that is generally not an available option for applets.

New in Release 2.1

  • corrected bug by which search would pause for a long time on certain pages
  • corrected a bug which forced the applet to start as 'lite' after using the help, even if the pro edition was loaded
  • better handling for malformed HTML syntax (empty links, repeating HREFs, etc...)
  • many changes to the documentation
  • better memory management (allocation, cleanup) allows for longer searches
  • print the search elapsed time at the end of the search
  • print the applet info in the java console
  • smaller window size, leaving more room for the pages found display
  • colored start/stop button (not in Netscape 3)
  • reword of the domain selection options (formerly: new search/found pages/previous found pages)
  • add 'downLevels', identical to 'dirLevels' but for downstream directories
  • 'downLevels' and 'dirLevels' restrict search in directories in the same path as the starting URL
  • better display of the found string so that it ends on a space
  • add parameter showFoundText
  • easier to stop search and stop index generation
  • using HtmlSearch as an application: CTRL-F4 kills the application
  • HtmlSearch is delivered as a JAR archive for faster loading
  • index (search results save)
  • always uses the found pages
  • ability to generate a CSV file
  • improvements in the GUI and button placement and label
  • choice to separate the words if several words were specified in the 'look for'
  • corrected bug that prevented selecting the file to save to (this is still subject to Applets security restrictions, which are particular to the browser and your settings)
  • the dictionary filename can be specified relative to the codeBase (the directory parent to HtmlSearchApp), or as an absolute URL.
    If the file does not exist, the default dictionary (HtmlSearchApp/indexExclusion.txt) is used.

  • - © Copyright Olivier Zyngier, 1998-2009