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HtmlSearch is a free application that can search through any web site , local to your hard disk, or on the web, without using any CGI server scripts, pre-indexing, or programs on your PC:

  • You can search through web pages, text documents or any other file..
  • You can explore anywhere, in your hard drive or CD-ROM, in your site, or from your PC, or to search any site on the internet.
  • The strings to look for can be specified as words, phrases, or boolean expressions combinations (OR and AND).
  • The search can be case sensitive or not, and look for whole or partial words.
  • The pages found can be displayed directly in the browser, or saved for later.
  • Pages that are part of a frameset are displayed within their frameset Same with images within a page.
  • You can save the results of the search as a text file.
  • The search results can be saved as an HTML index or a CSV file (to be imported in a spreadsheet or a database).
  • You can customize the applet to show only the information you wish and provide more or fewer options to your users (See the Demo or the Samples for customization examples).

The complete list of features is available here.

Because HtmlSearch is a Java Applet, it requires no setup on the users' PCs, no plug-in installation, and can work in any browser, on any platform or any operating system.

To start using htmlSearch, it is rather simple. You only need to:

HtmlSearch does not replace popular search engines such as Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, Copernic, etc..., it supplements them by allowing you to search through all the pages of a web site, whether that site has been indexed by these search engines or not. If you're curious, you can read the overview.


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