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Usage tips

Browsinform TipsThis page contains a list of tips that were either submitted by other Browsinform users, or that stem out of questions posed by users to our Technical Support.
We periodically update the documentation and move items from this page to the documentation. Please check the Online Documentation or re-download the entire package.

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Note: most of the writeup here use Windows command as examples because it's a fact of life, there are more Windows users than anything else. In most cases, you can translate the commands into their equivalents in Unix or Mac

Support for non-latin alphabets
If your CSV file contains non-latin characters, the display will be garbled unless you add the line &amp;lt;META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1251"&amp;gt; to your <HEAD> section in the HTML file that invokes the applet. It works in MSIE. In Netscape I can't seem to make it work, other than setting the character set in the browser itself (in the browser menu, select View -> Encoding).
Obviously this topic could use a bit more work... If you are an expert on this topic, please drop us a line and we'll improve this explanation
Popup windows
When the applet starts 2 popup windows appear on your screen: A status screen that indicates that the applet is reading the datafile. If everything goes well, the window disappears after a couple of seconds. It serves a dual purpose:
  • While the file is being read it keeps the user informed of what's hapenning; for very large datafiles and slow connections, the download time can be significant and it is important to let the user know that the applet is not frozen. Given the notorious unreliability of internet connections, it is nice to provide the user with as much feedback as possible.
  • If there is an error reading the datafile, it indicates the cause of the error, which your users can send you to notify you of the problem.
Mac Problems
There have been reports of problems using Browsinform on some Macs, seemingly due to Java Virtual Machine or JavaScript Interpreter incompatibilities. These problems are not always present but when they are, they manifest themselves by the applet being reloaded when you do a search. At this point, we are unable to resolve the issue, but we'll try to get to it in as soon as we can. However if you have any information that could help us solve the problem, we'd be very glad to hear from you.
Netscape 6
How can we say this gracefully... We can't: Netscape 6 sucks (for some entertaining comments, scan the newsgroups !). It's slow, buggy and has big problems with Java and JavaScript. Version 6.0 and 6.1 just plain don't work. Version 6.2 is better but it is still slow.
Can't find the datafile
There are added explanations in the FAQ page.
How to install the Distribution Files
There are added explanations in the Installation page.
Getting Started
There are added explanations on how to get started in the Applet Invocation and Getting Started Example.