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Product description

Browsinform Components

  Browsinform consists of:

  • The iDB (Interactive Data Browser) 'engine', operating as a Java Applet within the browser. The iDB applet is responsible for displaying the query form, searching through the datafiles and displaying the results. The applet files are identified by their .class or .jar extension.
  • The HTML files that allow the display of the search form and invoke the iDB applet. Each of these files is tailored to the specific application and uses a mix of HTML and JavaScript. You can write your own page file from scratch or use one of the samples as a starting point and modify it to fit your application.
  • One or more application specific datafiles (CSV file) where the information, your data, is stored. This CSV file can be generated automatically from the contents of a database or edited with a spreadsheet program. You will tailor these datafiles to your own application by defining the columns in each of the tables.
    The data can also be dynamically generated by a server program (e.g., CGI or ASP scripts) instead of coming from an existing file, and therefore be up to date every time Browsinform is invoked.
  • Browsinform also includes:
    • Documentation and Sample files that allow you to build your own application
    • A Getting Started and Finished Application examples you can use as a starting point for your own application
    • Utility programs that allow to update and manage your data

Any Browsinform Application can be easily integrated in any web site (e.g., included in an intranet or a browser-based technical manual) by simply inserting a link in one of the existing intranet pages.


Browsinform Editions

Browsinform is available in the following editions:

Developer Edition

Allows you to generate an application customized to your own needs, by specifying how you want to lay out the query form, present the display results, and how the query itself will operate on each of the tables and fields. You can use the parameters described in the Applet Parameters and the iDB methods described in the Applet API

You can view the many possibilities offered by the Developer Edition, by trying out some of the samples.

Once you have finished customizing your application, you can use the freely available Distribution Edition to distribute it. The distribution files are generated by a utility included in the Browsinform download.

Quick Edition

Allows you to quickly (and cheaply since it is free) publish a table in a browser, which can be sorted and searched by the users. In this edition, you only need to specify the name of the file to display, and Browsinform automatically generates a query form that has a keyword search entry box; when the query is executed, it displays a table using the column headers specified in the data file. Each field has the implied attribute hrefSpec="page", i.e., if a field's content can be interpreted as a URL, it is displayed as a link.

There are no time or size restrictions for using or distributing Browsinform Quick Edition.
However, you cannot sell Browsinform Quick Edition; hey it's a free product, and if we don't make a buck on it, so why should you ?

If you want to have some control over how the query form looks and operates, and how the results are presented, you need to use the Developer Edition.

Please see the Browsinform Quick Edition Documentation for more details, or try the Browsinform Quick Edition demo. - © Copyright Olivier Zyngier, 1998-2009