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  • Browsinform is a free application that allows you to publish Database tables into a browser for easy distribution to end-users.
  • Data tables can be maintained in a Database, Spreadsheet or Flat File (screen shot shows Microsoft Access, Excel and Notepad but you can use any other software).
  • You can have any number of tables, with any number of rows and columns.
  • Browsinform can dymically access server-based databases using CGI, ODBC, ASP, etc., or provide the same searching and sorting capabilities in a server-less environment (e.g., CD-ROM, stand-alone PC, or LAN)
  • You specify which fields from each table can be searched on and which fields will be displayed in the search result.
  • For each field, you can specify the prompt and title text, as well as query and display behavior.
  • Users can search on any field or on global keyword using query forms automatically generated by Browsinform. Query forms can contain checkboxes, listboxes, and text fields.

Screen shot: Data files processed by Browsinform

  • Browsinform displays the query form and the search result in a standard browser without a need for plug-ins or special PC configuration.
  • The user can sort the search results    list on any column.
  • The data is automatically displayed as links or images when appropriate.
  • You can specify colors, ornamentation, etc., or a per field or per table basis.
  • You can use links inside the table for additional displays, e.g., to show record details.

Screen shot: Query form and
search results display


Features At a Glance

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Browsinform loads and processes data sets quickly. It small size allows for fast loading in the browser, ideal for Internet deployment.
  • NO SERVER REQUIRED - Browsinform can be installed on a CD-ROM, as well as on a hard disk, a LAN/WAN, or Intra/Internet. It doesn't require a Web server or any browser configuration or plug-ins.
  • SAME INTERFACE WHEN USING A SERVER-BASED BACKEND - The same interface and capabilities are available when connecting to a Web Server for dynamic data queries into a Database
  • NO PROGRAMMING - Browsinform can be included in an HTML document with all options specified via parameters. No Java or HTML programming knowledge is required.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Browsinform has many options to allow customization with no additional programming. Examples are included for quick implementation.
  • OUTPUT FORMATTING - You can set background color and justification attributes at the column level. Images and Links (URL, mailto: and JavaScript) can be automatically displayed in the table
  • SEARCHING & SORTING - Search for data in any cell. Sort on any column.
  • 100% COMPATIBLE - Works with ALL Java-enabled web browsers on ALL platforms (note: see Usage Tips). Browsinform uses only standard HTML without any use for plug-ins.
  • QUERY ELEMENTS - Build forms from a number of different query types including text, choice, multiple list, and checkbox. Listboxes can be automatically populated from the database.
  • MATCH CRITERIA - Query for text strings or numeric records from a number of match criteria including "contains", "start with", "exact match", "less than", "greater than", etc.
  • DATES AND NUMBERS - Recognizes and handles Numbers and Date for searching and sorting.
  • iNTERNATIONALIZATION - Text and Data can be displayed in any language you wish, and you can translate any of the text displayed by your application.
  • DATA PROTECTION - your data can be encrypted and password protected so that only Browsinform can interpret it.


Browsinform was awarded 4 stars (top 5% of all Java Applets) by JARS, the Java Applet Rating service - © Copyright Olivier Zyngier, 1998-2009