MandoSoft Software

This page is out of date and unmaintained -- you can safely ignore it

MandoSoft produces and distributes freeware solutions for presenting and searching information on a web site.

A browser-based search engine that you can add to to your site, even if you cannot use CGI scripts or other server-side search methods.

HtmlSearch is the most flexible search engine available for a CD-ROM based site.


Browsinform allows you to quickly develop interactive searches into a database, without any programming knowledge. Browsinform operates entirely in the browser and does not require a web server or an active DataBase, so it is ideally suited for CD-ROMs or sites that do not feature any back-end capabilities.

With simple descriptive statements, you describe which fields you want to search on, and which fields you want to display. Browsinform automatically generates a search form and displays the results in a sortable table, where the data is automatically shown according to its type, e.g. hyperlinks are active, image references are displayed as images, etc.


Common Features

  • All our software can be run in any browserwith no plug-ins and no browser setup.
  • Our products require no server or back-end setup or programming.
  • You can present fully dynamic and interactive pages without any programming knowledge. If you wish, you can also enhance the features by adding your own JavaScript functions.
  • This means that you can greatly enhance the functionality of your web site and offer your site visitors dynamic or interactive search and display features without having to resort to expensive server-side solutions.
  • Better yet, your visitors do not have to download any software or configure their browser.
  • The same dynamic features are available should you distribute your site on a CD-ROM, your LAN or WAN, the Internet, or an Intranet.
  • All our products can also be customized to fit your special needs.
  • And best of all it's all free. No spyware, malware.